Kashmir to Tax Out-of-State Poultry Imports

by 5m Editor
7 September 2009, at 7:04am

JAMMU & KASHMIR, INDIA - Jammu and Kashmir State is to raise a tax on poultry produce from other states in order to help local farmers.

With an objective to improve the condition of local poultry farmers, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has imposed tax duties on poultry products being brought in from other states, according to New Kerala.

The state government has imposed five rupees (INR) per kilogram tax on broilers brought from other states and simultaneously it has reduced tax duty from INR 2 to INR 1 per chick for the poultry produce within the state.

"I pay almost INR 60,000 in taxes each year. So, that amount, I can directly save. And we are also expecting that the chicken will sell INR 5 more, which will be profitable for us," said Jasbir Jhaggi, owner of a poultry farm.

Poultry farmers believe that Government's initiative will improve their financial condition and also usher stability in the local poultry business.

"We are hoping that all the debt-ridden poultry farmers will be able to repay their debts and loans, within six months. Most of these poultry farmers are otherwise unemployed start the business in small sheds at their houses as it requires little investments," said Kuldeep Singh Raja, Chairman of Chicken Dealers Association.

Poultry traders in Jammu and Kashmir deliver more than 150,000 eggs and 70,000 to 80,000 chickens per day to meet the demand within the state.