Russia Cuts Poultry, Pork Import Quotas

by 5m Editor
22 December 2009, at 11:37pm

RUSSIA - The government has announced cuts of 18 and 11 per cent in imports of poultry and pork, respectively, for next year.

The government reduced 2010 quotas for poultry imports by 18 per cent and cut the allocation for pork by 11 per cent to boost domestic production, according to a decree signed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and published Monday.

Citing Bloomberg, Moscow Times reports that the government reduced the poultry quota to 780,000 tons from 952,000 tons in 2009 and the quota for pork to 472,100 tons from 531,900 tons this year, the government said on its web site. The share of US poultry shipments will fall 20 per cent to 600,000 tons in 2010, the document said.