Smart Sets New Standards for Hatchery Hygiene

by 5m Editor
1 December 2009, at 12:02pm

NETHERLANDS - Pas Reform has signed an exclusive agreement to incorporate Microban, the world's leading antimicrobial product protection system, into Smart hatchery technologies.

The new Agreement, signed this month, will initially see Microban technology incorporated into Pas Reform's patented hatcher baskets, reducing the risk of cross contamination from food poisoning bacteria by up to 99.9 per cent.

Pas Reform has always placed great emphasis on the importance of hygiene in the hatchery. The company's sector-leading Smart incubators already incorporate smooth-walled, 'food-safe' aluminium, stainless steel and polystyrene. Cooling circuits are fully integrated into the walls of the SmartHatch hatcher to reduce bacterial growth and accelerate highly efficient cleaning.

The incorporation of Microban in Pas Reform's hatchery products will, says Dr Marleen Boerjan, Director of Research and Development, deliver enhanced levels of product performance, with added protection from bacteria that can compromise embryo and day-old chick development:

She said: "Heightened awareness of the risks of bacterial transfer and cross contamination in the hatchery means that for us, this was a logical next step in our continual product development strategy."

Robert Kahn, Microban's Sales Director Europe, added: "Pas Reform is a dynamic and respected innovator in the hatchery sector, and this new partnership represents a powerful extension for Microban's product deployment into new areas of expertise."