Study: Chicken Collagen Can Help Arthritis

by 5m Editor
3 December 2009, at 8:23am

CHINA - Researchers in China said chicken collagen leads to improvement in rheumatoid arthritis with no significant side effects.

According to OfficialWire, study leader Wei Wei of The Anhui Medical University in Hefei, China, conducted a double-blind, randomized, controlled phase III clinical trial of chicken type ll collagen - a protein extracted from chicken breast cartilage.

The study involved 503 rheumatoid arthritis patients given either the collagen or an established antirheumatic drug - methotrextate - for 12-weeks. The researchers found the collagen capsules showed significantly improved joint function, with fewer and milder adverse effects than those taking methotrexate.

"We've shown that chicken type ll collagen is a promising alternative therapeutic strategy that may be used as a nutritional supplement against rheumatoid arthritis," Mr Wei said in a statement.

The researchers suggest chicken collagen taken orally over time may build up a tolerance that helps reduce autoimmunne activity. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease caused by the body mounting a response against its own cartilage - the rubbery tissue, composed mainly of collagen, which cushions and lubricates joints.

The findings were published in Arthritis Research and Therapy.