Paragon Prepares for Poultry Power

by 5m Editor
7 January 2010, at 8:42am

BANGLADESH - Poultry company, Paragon Group, is to set up three of the country's largest biogas plants.

In Bangladesh, poultry firm Paragon Group is setting up the country's biggest biogas plants, reports Biofuels News.

State-run Infrastructure Development Company will provide loans of up to 150 million taka (BDT; €1.5 million) for the plants in Gazipur and Mymensingh districts, which will generate a total 350 kilowatts of electricity.

Three biogas plants will be located at Bhaluka, Bhabanipur and Chamiadi in Gazipur and Mymensing districts and will be using the latest Chinese technology for production of the clean energy.

Clean energy financier Infrastructure Development Company's plans are to ramp up the countrywide power generation by bio-plants to five mega-watts by 2012.

Besides funding large plants, IDCOL officials said the state lender is moving ahead with its plan to finance as many as 60,000 family-size plants across the country by 2012 to give a boost to biogas production. If installed, its officials estimate, the expansion will help raise biogas production in the country to 0.16 million cubic feet.

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