Ag Council Rejects Call to Extend Battery Cage Deadline

by 5m Editor
23 February 2010, at 11:46am

EU - The Agriculture and Fisheries Council has turned down Poland's request to postpone the date banning the use of conventional battery cages for a further five years.

At its meeting yesterday (22 February), The Agriculture Council took note of a request made by the Polish delegation to postpone the date imposing the prohibition of unenriched cages for laying hens by five years (6136/10). Council directive 1999/74 lays down minimum standards for the protection of laying hens and provides that the rearing of laying hens in so called unenriched cage systems1 is prohibited with effect from 1 January 2012.

The Commissioner in charge of Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, rejected this request but proposed to the Polish authorities to use the existing possibilities within the rural development programs for bringing poultry holdings into line with those standards by that deadline.

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