International Egg and Poultry Review: China

CHINA - This is a weekly report by the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry. This week's report covers anti-dumping duties imposed by China on US poultry imports.
calendar icon 10 February 2010
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China’s Ministry of Commerce announced 5 February, 2010 its decision to impose preliminary import duties on US poultry imports effective 13 February 2010. Once effective, US exporters will be required to deposit the duty with Chinese customs. A list of 35 US exporters was released 5 February with varying duties per company listed. Companies not listed will have to pay upwards of 105.4 per cent. All affected companies have 20 days to appeal the decision.

Chinese officials base the decision on information collected during an anti-dumping investigation on US poultry started back in September 2009. The investigation claims the US was exporting chicken to China at very low prices making it difficult for Chinese producers to compete. China and Hong Kong are the largest export markets for US paws. China is the third largest export market for US broiler meat.

This response comes a day after China’s request for a ruling from the World Trade Organization on duties imposed on Chinese shoes from the European Union. The announcement is also one of many trade disputes between China and the US: US claims that the Chinese Yuan has been artificially undervalued giving Chinese companies an advantage in the international marketplace, accusations of protectionism, the US imposition of duties on Chinese-made low-end tires, the US ban on imports of Chinese poultry, and other issues regarding steel pipes, movies, and books.

G7 Finance Ministers and the Central Bank of Governors recently met in Iqaluit, Canada to discuss many issues including currencies and the value of the Chinese Yuan. The group offered direction, but few details. The general theme was continued emphasis on economic recovery.

Source: Various News Wires/USDA AMS PMNA

Top Exports of US Paws by Percentage of the Total Volume to China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico and Other Destinations
Note: All data is January-December except for 2009*, which only includes exports from January-November.
Source: USDA FAS

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