Marfrig Talks to Globoaves over Plants

by 5m Editor
25 February 2010, at 11:08am

BRAZIL – Marfrig is negotiating with the Grupo Globoaves over the purchase or lease of two small processing plants suitable for free- range chickens and ducks.

Marfrig Alimentos S.A. says it is negotiating with the Grupo Globoaves for purchasing or leasing two small-sized plants suitable for free range chicken ('frango caipira') and duck slaughtering, which includes the businesses of rustic chicken, with the Nho Bento brand, and duck, with the Germânia brand.

The deal closing still depends on the due diligence process and does not have vinculating effects.

Marfrig emphasises its strategy of protein and products diversification, and this acquisition will include free-range chicken and duck products in the New Seara division, which concentrates its activities in chicken, pork and industrialised food in Brazil.