Pas Reform Welcomes Dutch Poultry Centre

by 5m Editor
10 February 2010, at 8:39am

NETHERLANDS - Pas Reform recently welcomed members of the Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC) to its Inspiration Centre in Zeddam.

Under the umbrella of the Dutch Poultry Centre, internationally orientated Dutch companies and Institutes – each with a reputation for their knowledge, quality and innovation – present themselves on the international market.

More than 50 DPC members attended Pas Reform's presentation, which centred on an exploration of The Netherlands' role in the global future of the poultry industry.

Pas Reform's CEO, Bart Aangenendt, remarked: "Pas Reform believes in the strength of The Netherlands, as a country expert in the international poultry sector. We see a powerful opportunity for sharing knowledge and innovation, under the unifying banner of the Dutch Poultry Centre."