Free-Range Eggs Do Well in New Purchasing Survey

by 5m Editor
2 March 2010, at 11:01am

UK - A recent survey reveals that sales of free-range eggs have increased over the last year, and they now account for two out of every three eggs purchased.

According to consumer data covering 14 million shoppers at one of the leading retailers, dunhumby data has shown the following information highlighting the winners and losers in eggs.

Total sales of eggs have fallen one per cent by value and volume in the last 12 months. However, free-range eggs have seen growth – eight per cent by value and seven per cent in volume. Customer penetration and purchase frequency has increased for free-range eggs and contributed to the growth in sales, as well as increased distribution. Free-range eggs account for over 63 per cent of total egg sales.

Organic eggs have seen the strongest decline in sales, despite falling prices over the last year. This decline in sales is likely to be due to a decline in distribution of 17 per cent.