Morocco Tenders 7,000 MT of US Sorghum

by 5m Editor
8 March 2010, at 12:39am

MOROCCO - As a direct result of US Grains Council programmes, 7,000 metric tons (276,000 bushels) of US sorghum was tendered to Morocco last week for mid-March delivery.

Special checkoff funds from Council member United Sorghum Checkoff Programme allowed staff from CasaGrains, the Moroccan poultry feed mill and production facility that tendered the sorghum, to travel to the United States and Mexico last November to view US sorghum production and use firsthand.

“Moroccan producers need confidence-building activities for sorghum use in their poultry and ruminant feed,” said Alvaro Cordero, USGC manager of international operations for marketing. “They had some bad experiences with non-US sorghum in the past. With funding from our membership, we are able to connect with some of the major importers to show the high quality product and the reliability the United States can provide to meet their feed and food needs.”