Romania Reports First EU Outbreak of Bird Flu

by 5m Editor
17 March 2010, at 11:35pm

ROMANIA - Romania is the first EU country this year to report an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).

The veterinary authority sent an Immediate Notification dated 16 March to the World Organisation for Animal Health.

The report describes a single outbreak of HPAI in a village flock in the state of Tulcea, which lies in the east of the country and borders the Black Sea. All 47 birds in a backyard poultry flock died.

The disease was suspected on 13 March 2010 in two birds in two backyards with a population of 47 birds. The village of Letea is a small locality in the Danube Delta, on a land isolated by water, composed of 165 backyards, access being achieved by boat.

Samples were taken and sent to the National Reference Laboratory for confirmation and, on 15 March 2010, a positive result for H5N1 subtype was confirmed by RT-PCR.

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