Duck Assurance Scheme to be Launched Next Month

by 5m Editor
26 April 2010, at 9:38am

UK - The new Duck Assurance Scheme (DAS) is to be launched at this year's Pig and Poultry Fair. SAI Global and the British Poultry Council have worked closely to develop this specific standard for the duck industry.

The scheme has been developed for duck producers who are keen to demonstrate their professionalism and high standards of production, and SAI Global are the designated inspection body for the scheme.

Peter Bradnock, Chief Executive of the British Poultry Council said: "We are delighted with the launch of the Duck Assurance Scheme. British Poultry Council members have worked long and hard to ensure that these standards are rigorous, auditable and encompass the whole production chain for ducks. Yet again, the UK poultry industry is demonstrating its credentials as a world leading livestock sector."

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