Hazar Teb Tehran Exhibit Meriden Products in Iran

by 5m Editor
14 April 2010, at 7:02am

IRAN - Meriden was represented by their distributor Hazar Teb Tehran at the 2nd International Veterinary Poultry Congress on the 20-21 February 2010 in Tehran, Iran.

Row 1 (L-R) Mr William Stewart (Meriden), Dr Ali Jamali (Hazar Teb Tehran) Mr Tony Rahbury, Dr Darvish Damavandi.
Row 2 (L-R): Mrs Khorshidi (Main Distributor for Hazar Teb), Dr Arshia Jamali, (Director), Dr Azadeh Jamali (Director), Miss Ahmadvand (Secretary)

Hazar Teb Tehran is one of Meriden’s longest standing distributors and the Meriden products, Orego-Stim, Meri-Phyze and Meri-Bond are available throughout Iran via them and their sub distributors.

The show was a success and there was a lot of interest in all the products from existing and potential new customers. Hazar Teb Tehran is looking forward to strengthening their position within the Iranian Poultry market from the results of this show.