New Feed Enzyme Product Available in EU

by 5m Editor
8 April 2010, at 5:34am

SWITZERLAND - DSM announces that Ronozyme ProAct is now available in the European Union

RONOZYME® ProAct, the first pure protease for the poultry industry, has received regulatory approval in the European Union. This innovative feed enzyme has been successfully marketed in Brazil and Turkey, followed by launches in Latin America and Asia Pacific. It is now available in EU-27 for the first time and it will be launched on 20 April, during VIV Europe.

The new feed enzyme offers the poultry industry many advantages. Dependent on feed protein source, it reduces feed costs on average by five per cent by maximising protein utilization and improving nutritional value while simultaneously enhancing animal performance up to six per cent. Ronozyme ProAct is a mono component protease that unlocks the nutritional value of a large variety of feed proteins by complementing the activity of digestive enzymes such as pepsin and pancreatic proteases. At the same time, it reduces the levels of nitrogen excreted by broilers, therefore diminishing the environmental impact of the poultry industry.

Jean-Paul Ruckebusch, Alliance manager at DSM Nutritional Products, commented: "Ronozyme ProAct is the innovative feed enzyme that every broiler needs to maximise the protein of the diet provided to the animal. Obtaining product approval for Ronozyme ProAct in Europe is part of a wider strategy to make this breakthrough product available to the broiler industry worldwide."

The Ronozyme product range of feed enzymes is developed within the Alliance of DSM Nutritional Products and Novozymes and represents the most complete feed enzyme portfolio within the feed industry. Ronozyme ProAct is the newest feed enzyme in the great range of Ronozyme enzymes.

Ronozyme ProAct is fully compatible with phytases and other feed enzymes commonly used in broiler feed. The global registration process continues.