WA Demand for National Egg Re-Regulation

by 5m Editor
11 May 2010, at 7:51am

AUSTRALIA - A Western Australian chicken farmer believes the national egg industry needs to be re-regulated.

WA egg producers are worried a spike in newborn chickens will cause an oversupply of eggs in the eastern states to flood western markets in the coming months.

Around six years ago egg farmers operated under a licensing system to make sure all producers had a fair go in the marketplace, according to ABC.

Gascoyne egg producer, Carl Wright, says if nothing is done to regulate the industry and keep local farms viable, consumers' only choice will be eggs from super farms or imported from other countries.

"Go back to the licensing, everybody knows what they've got to produce, everybody supplies what they want, everybody's regulated, everybody makes a living."

"If they knew exactly how much they could produce, they wouldn't be slaughtered at the marketplace with the prices."