No New Occurence of Bird Flu in Laos

by 5m Editor
16 June 2010, at 11:37am

LAOS - The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has provided an update on the bird flu situation in Laos.

The country's veterinary authorities sent follow-up report no.2 on Monday, 14 June, due to reoccurence of the disease.

According to the report, active surveillance was conducted in a 5-km-radius zone around the infected farm. During the active surveillance, no new cases were observed. In addition to clinical observation, 192 sera and 152 cloacal swabs were collected from healthy poultry within this zone and submitted to the National Animal Health Centre laboratory for testing. The test results revealed that all samples were negative for avian influenza. On 27 May 2010, the surveillance zone was lifted. Restocking is still on the standstill and under supervision of the veterinary authority.

The source of the outbreak remains inconclusive.

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