More Pullorum Disease Outbreaks Reported

by 5m Editor
2 September 2010, at 12:46am

JAPAN - Salmonella pullorum has been found at five farms in Kyoto prefecture.

The veterinary authorities sent Follow Up Report no. 2 dated 1 September to the World Orgnaisation for Animal Health (OIE).

According to the report, all outbreaks started between 6 and 18 August, and a total of 2,675 birds were involved. Of these, eight showed symptoms and 385 that produced a positive result in serological tests were destroyed.

The positive cases were detected by active surveillance over the 40 farms epidemiologically related to the first affected farm. All related flocks of the farm were under serological surveillance. If any serologically positive case was detected by random sampling, all poultry in the flock were tested and all serologically positive poultry were destroyed. No cases showed clinical signs, according to the report.

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