Eggs Are Nation's Favourite Hangover Cure

UK - The good old British fry-up has been voted the nation's go-to food when suffering from a hangover.
calendar icon 9 December 2010
clock icon 3 minute read

Top spot was scooped by the ever popular combination of eggs, bacon, beans, hash browns and toast ahead of the bacon sandwich in second place.

Third in the list of ultimate comfort food the morning after a big night out was a plate of eggs and bacon.

Andrew Parker of British Lion eggs said: "Eggs, whether they were fried, poached or with soldiers, featured heavily in the results and whilst we don’t condone excess alcohol consumption, we will offer recipe inspiration to help you face the day ahead should a few drinks turn into a few too many."

Fourth in the poll of 3,000 Brits was the McDonald’s breakfast followed by baked beans on toast in fifth place.

Another eggy option in the top ten came at number six with poached eggs on toast followed by pizza in seventh place and cereal in eighth place.

Eggs and soldiers came in at number nine with a simple croissant completing the top ten.

More than a third of Brits admitted they expected to be looked after if they were hung-over and a quarter said that no one makes a fry up as good as their mum.

Nearly two thirds notice that certain foods make them feel better and some make them feel worse.

Three quarters of Brits think their hangovers have got worse as they have got older but many have started preparing better ahead of a night on the town with a third stocking up on food the day before as they anticipate feeling hungrier the next day.

Sixty per cent say that they wake up starving after a night out drinking and that they hate cooking when hung-over.

UK'S top 10 Hangover Foods

  1. English fry up
  2. Bacon sandwich
  3. Eggs and bacon
  4. McDonald's breakfast
  5. Beans on toast
  6. Poached eggs on toast
  7. Stuffed crust pizza
  8. Cereal
  9. Eggs and soldiers
  10. Croissant
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