Japan Shows Interest in Bulgarian Poultry Imports

by 5m Editor
26 January 2011, at 8:58am

BULGARIA - Japan has expressed interest in importing poultry meat from Bugaria, the Agriculture Ministry in Sofia said in a statement yesterday after minister Miroslav Naidenov met Japanese counterpart Michihiko Kano.

The Bulgarian national veterinary service is in the process of preparing the sanitary files for the products, which will be later sent to Japan to decide whether to sell them on the local market, according to The Sofia Echo.

Japan currently has a serious shortage of chicken products because of the recent cases of avian influenza that led to the destruction of birds in domestic farms, which made a number of EU states increase their poultry exports to the Asian country.

Apart from poultry, the Agriculture Ministry will also send Japan sanitary files for Bulgarian white brine cheese and yellow cheese, the statement said.