Sanderson's Proposed Plant Faces Local Opposition

by 5m Editor
5 January 2011, at 12:53am

NORTH CAROLINA, US - Voters have reject Sanderson Farms' proposed new project in Nash County.

A new poll shows that 61 per cent of voters in Nash and Wilson County believe Sanderson Farms should explore alternative sites. A press release from Nash County Landowners Association states that, according to a public opinion survey released by Public Policy Polling in Raleigh, Nash and Wilson residents base their assessments on environmental reports indicating that animal waste spray fields will negatively impact the local water supply and watersheds.

"Voters are telling their leaders that this project is a problem for them," said Con Ward, chairman of the Nash County Landowners Association, who commissioned the survey. "62 per cent of voters said they believe Sanderson Farms could find similar soil types in another location to accommodate the chicken slaughterhouse facility."