Dutch Support Polish Bid to Use MBM in Feeds

by 5m Editor
23 February 2011, at 7:10am

NETHERLANDS - The Dutch are reported to support Poland in an attempt to allow the use of of animal products (meat and bone meal; MBM) in feeds.

The Netherlands backs Poland in its call for the European Union to allow animal products to be used again in animal feed, as long as the risk of mad cow disease has been eradicated, accroding to Dutch News, citing report in Volkskrant on 21 February.

Animal protein has been banned from animal feed since the 1990s following the BSE scandal.

Poland, which takes over the revolving EU chairmanship in the second half of this year, wants to use pig and chicken waste in feed because it is much cheaper than soybean meal.

The paper says the Netherlands backs the proposal on condition chicken meal is not fed to chickens or pig meal to pigs. It also opposes the use of protein from ruminants, such as cows and goats.

Last year, there were three cases of mad cow disease in the Netherlands.

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