Poultry Council Proposes State Intervention on Maize

by 5m Editor
10 February 2011, at 9:45am

HUNGARY - The Poultry Products Council is proposing that the state purchases maize to ensure sufficient supplies to meet the feed requirements of the country's poultry industry.

Hungary's Poultry Products Council is proposing immediate state intervention purchases of 500,000 tons of maize in order to prevent domestic shortages stemming from feed exports at a meeting with the Rural Development Ministry, a document on the council's web site shows.

Budapest Business Journal reports that the wheat shortage in Europe is driving up maize prices, which rose to 58,000 to 60,000 florints (HUF) a ton recently, the council said. It added a warning that much maize is being exported due to high prices abroad.

Responding to earlier concerns, the Rural Development Ministry said last week that Hungary's maize harvest alone is more than three million tons more than domestic demand.