Chicken Demand Exceeds Supply in UAE

by 5m Editor
15 March 2011, at 8:43am

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - A shortage of poultry meat in Al Ain (Abu Dhabi) is being blamed on tight supplies and residents stock-piling chicken.

There is a severe shortage of poultry in Al Ain, according to residents, reports Emirates 247.

In a report in Arabic newspaper, Al Khaleej, residents were quoted as saying that Al Ain markets are experiencing significant shortages in fresh chicken.

According to official sources, the reason for the scarcity is due to the lack supply by some local companies, who in turn are facing a delay from exporters at their end.

A number of vendors in Al Ain stated that the quantities which they are currently receiving is almost one-quarter of the quantities that used to receive in the past.

Meanwhile, residents stated that people have started buying in bulk, which has only worsened the situation.