Free Range Egg Suppliers Avoid Supermarkets

by 5m Editor
8 March 2011, at 10:31am

AUSTRALIA - Farmers say more eggs are being dumped on smaller markets outside the major supermarket retailers, since Coles' egg price drop.

For more than four months, Coles has been reducing the price of its home brand free-range eggs and is going to stop selling its home brand caged eggs, reports ABC.

Western Australian egg producer Jan Harwood says farmers are needing to move their product elsewhere.

"I don't know where Coles is getting these eggs from, but it isn't the traditional suppliers of free-range eggs to Coles," she said.

"So the people that have been supplying free-range eggs to Coles are losing market share and are seeking to find that market share outside of Coles and Woolworths at the moment."

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