Egg Production on Two Levels with Modern Systems

GERMANY - The company Loher Landei GmbH, which is managed by Alfons Diekmann from Damme in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany, and his sons Thorsten and Arndt, recently inaugurated a new site for barn egg production in aviary systems: where there used to be a poultry growing facility now stand two modern poultry sheds with a total of 60,000 bird places.
calendar icon 4 April 2011
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The most remarkable feature of the new buildings is that in both buildings the laying hens are housed on two levels. The poultry housing systems completely stem from the German company Big Dutchman. On the occasion of an Open Day, the Diekmann family recently opened one of their houses for the interested public. Several hundreds of people used this opportunity to examine the new poultry house with its impressive housing equipment.

Poultry house with barn egg production on two levels

The new houses are completely identical and both equipped with the most modern poultry systems for aviary management. With a size of 71 x 14.5 meters each and an eaves height of 6.8 meters, each poultry house has two levels. They are completely separate from each other, a great advantage above all from the hygienic point of view.

Big seller NATURA60 for effective layer management

The layers are housed in a NATURA60 aviary, a member of the popular NATURA product range for barn egg production and free range egg production. The characteristic feature of NATURA60 is its perfect accessibility: Every second (inspection) aisle of the poultry system remains free of litter, hens and manure. This unique concept in aviary management simplifies and reduces the time involved in layer management decisively and at the same time increases egg production safety. The litter area can easily be locked for the familiarisation phase. This ensures a good start into the laying phase and minimises the number of slat and floor eggs.

Everything but ordinary: Barn egg production with 60,000 laying hens on two levels

The flexible NATURA modular system is the right choice when opting for aviary management with optimum use of the available space and, above all, for tailor-made solutions. Big Dutchman submitted evidence for this in the Diekmann poultry houses. In this special case, only approx. 8,000 square meters were available for the egg production unit. This required a lot of creative thinking as it was necessary to optimally use every centimetre of space. The successful and not at all ordinary result are two double-storey buildings with four units which have four rows each of the three level NATURA60 poultry system installed. This way 60,000 bird places were created.

Everything but ordinary: Barn egg production on two levels

Alfons Diekmann and his wife are pleased with the decorative key Big Dutchman managing director Bernd Kuhlencord (left) and sales representative Christian Apeler (right) handed over for the new poultry house.

Barn egg production in a NATURA60 poultry system: The system provides easy access as every second (inspection) aisle of the poultry house remains free of litter, hens and manure.

Barn egg production with NATURA60 poultry system

From the distributing centre, all four house units can be checked and controlled, here shown by Thorsten (left) and Arndt Diekmann.
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