Poultry CRC Welcomes Industry-Transferable Ideas

by 5m Editor
4 May 2011, at 8:42am

AUSTRALIA - Currently, the Poultry CRC's research is dominated by long-term, 'blue sky' projects, tackling some of the most difficult questions faced by the poultry industry globally. However, it is equally important to help industry solve its immediate challenges.

In the latest e-Chook newsletter, CEO of the Poultry CRC, Professor Mingan Choct, writes:

The Poultry CRC's August 2011 call for research proposals will therefore focus on ideas that are commercial-ready, for quick and easy transfer to industry. We recognise that, while it is essential to develop frontier technologies for the long term interests of the poultry industry, we must also meet industry’s most pressing needs.

Commercial-ready means that projects should be completed within 18 months and the work should be conducted in close collaboration with Australian poultry industry partners. The concept is that the outcome of the research will be utilised in the industry during or immediately upon completion. The full instructions and a tailored form for these commercial-ready Poultry CRC projects will be available to our Participants when we officially call for Proposals in August.

In the meantime, keep you thinking caps on and your eyes open while liaising with our industry partners (see the list at Poultry CRC) about their immediate challenges, and be ready to submit your projects promptly after the call goes out!