Call for End to Law on Live Transport & Trade

by 5m Editor
27 June 2011, at 9:33am

EGYPT - Poultry traders are protesting against a law banning the trade and transport of live poultry.

Hundreds of poultry shop owners protested outside the TV Building near the Nile Corniche in Cairo on Friday (24 June), demanding the Government of Essam Sharaf rescind a 2010 law barring trade and transport of live birds to help prevent the spread of the bird flu virus.

Egyptian Gazette reports that the protesters, who accused the former regime of damaging the local poultry industry and encouraging the import of frozen chicken, denounced the legislation. Violators are subject to a six-month jail term as well as a fine of up to 10,000 Egyptian pounds (US$1,782) or up to the value of the birds, whichever is greater.

They demanded an end to the law because it forbids the transport or sale of live birds or poultry, or offering them for sale in provinces and cities.

The protesters said that they had sustained great losses because of this law.