NFU Concerned about Changes to Organic Feed Rules

by 5m Editor
23 June 2011, at 10:40am

UK - The European Commission has proposed two changes to the organic feed regulations which are due to be implemented in January 2012.

NFU is extremely concerned that proposed changes to the legislation relating to the feeding of organic livestock could have a detrimental effect on the organic poultry sector.

The Commission are suggesting that there will be a requirement for monogastrics to be fed a diet comprising of 100 per cent organic products from 1 January 2012 (as specified under Article 43 of Regulation 889/2008). This move to 100 per cent organic diets for poultry will result in nutritionally unbalanced rations, which has the potential to adversely affect bird welfare and performance.

Alongside this the Commission is proposing an amendment to Article 19 of Council Regulation 889/2008 stipulating that 50 per cent of feed for monogastrics and 80 per cent of ruminant feed should be from own holding or region in line with the wording of Article 14 (d) (i) of Council Regulation 834/2007.

NFU has concerns that this will propose considerable strain on the organic dairy, livestock and poultry industries.