Cobb Seminar Unites Latin American Customers

by 5m Editor
12 August 2011, at 11:57am

BRAZIL - The 5th seminar for grandparent farmers, organized by Cobb-Vantress Brazil for Brazilian and international customers at São Jose do Rio Preto, was given a vision into the future of poultry breeding.

The keynote address was given by Dr John Hardiman, chief scientific officer who led the Cobb research and development programme for more than 25 years and spoke about genetics and its contribution to a sustainable future.

The two-day programme was aimed at catering for the specific needs of customers and covered topics ranging from the overall poultry market to stock management, housing and environment.

Jairo Arenazio, chief executive officer of Cobb in Brazil, commented: "We set out to make this our best GP farm meeting and it was another successful, extremely professional and friendly event. We brought together our customers from across Latin America and they realized how important they are for our company."

Held at the Saint Paul Hotel, customers attending the event included Asa, Doux, Seara, Sadia, Perdigão and Agrogen from Brazil, Reproductores Cobb from Argentina, Agrosuper and Ariztia from Chile, San Fernando from Peru, Incubacol from Colombia and Proavica from Venezuela.

The Cobb delegates included Stan Reid, vice president of sales and marketing, and the complete team of veterinary technicians from Latin America.

As a finale, Cobb took all of its customers to the executive box in the Country Bulls Rodeo, in São Jose do Rio Preto, the region's most traditional and acclaimed rodeo.

Delegates attending the seminar organized by Cobb-Vantress Brazil