Domestic Chicken Supply Stabilised

by 5m Editor
11 August 2011, at 9:12am

GUYANA - The supply of poultry meat is now assured, according to the poultry association, following earlier disruption and difficulties with the importation of hatching eggs.

The poultry producers association is assuring that there will be an adequate supply of chicken for Christmas, according to Stabroek News.

In a statement to the newspaper, the Guyana Poultry Producers Association said that there had been a major surplus of chicken earlier this year and this resulted in producers cutting back, leading to the present shortage. The association said that the problem was aggravated by hatching problems at a major hatchery which imports eggs by sea.

The association said that all hatcheries have reverted to bringing eggs by air and there is now a greater supply of broiler chicks. It reiterated that supplies will return to normal by next month.

It warned, however, that the industry "is faced once again with the reality that global prices of feed ingredients and other inputs have been increasing significantly when compared to last year's prices. This is affecting the poultry industry worldwide and it has a negative impact on the price of chicken".