Egg Producers Applaud Opening of Discovery Centre

CANADA - Manitoba's egg producers are applauding the opportunity to allow the public to see first–hand how farm animals are raised without compromising biosecurity, writes Bruce Cochrane.
calendar icon 19 September 2011
clock icon 3 minute read

The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre, located at the University of Manitoba's Glenlea Research Station, opened officially on Friday (16 September).

Brenda Bazylewski, the director of communications and public relations with Manitoba Egg Farmers, one of several organisations that supported construction of the centre, suggests if folks can learn about the care of the animals and how food is produced, everyone benefits.

Brenda Bazylewski – Manitoba Egg Farmers

First of all, Manitoba Egg Farmers is delighted to have been a part, at least a contributor to a part, of this wonderful new centre that really is designed to open the doors to the public, to teachers, to students, to anyone in Winnipeg or Manitoba or across the country for that matter, who is interested in coming to take a look at how animals are raised, in particular the pork industry, and be able to see close up how pigs are raised and looked after and so on.

There will also be information on other livestock as well and that's where we come in with Manitoba Egg Farmers.

Those of us who raise, whether it be animals or crops or so on, are always being innovative, always looking forward and in our case trying to do what's best for the animals and laying hens in particular.

That's why we've moved into furnished cages or looking certainly at that direction because they offer hens the opportunity to express their natural behaviours like perching and laying their egg in a private nesting area because curtains are offered in this type of system as well as a number of different things that enable the hens just to express innate behaviours as if they were out on a farm.

Ms Bazylewski says you just have to connect to the Internet to see there is a huge interest in how our food is produced.

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