NFU Supports Passage of Senate Appropriations Bill

by 5m Editor
9 September 2011, at 11:54am

US - NFU has welcomed the news that the US Senate Committee on Appropriations passed an agricultural appropriations bill that did not include a rider that would prevent the implementation of the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) rule.

"We are very pleased that Senator Herb Kohl, D-Wisconsin, chairman of the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, and the rest of committee did not include an anti-GIPSA rider similar to the one passed by the US House of Representatives. Just as he has been throughout his legislative career, Senator Kohl has once again championed the cause of independent farmers and ranchers," said NFU President Roger Johnson in a statement.

Mr Johnson said the GIPSA rule would go a long way towards restoring market competition and helping ensure large producers cannot exert illegal market power over farmers and ranchers.

"The committee did the right thing in allowing the GIPSA rule to proceed. The rule must be funded and allowed to continue to help reduce the concentration that has taken place in the livestock industry over the past 30 years.

"Senator Kohl has worked tirelessly to help bring economic stability to rural America and the GIPSA rule will help ensure America’s farmers and ranchers are not forced to accept unfairly low prices for their products. We urge the full Senate to pass an agriculture appropriations bill that allows the GIPSA rule to continue," Mr Johnson said.