Prison Poultry Farm Supplying Processor

by 5m Editor
13 September 2011, at 11:43am

FIJI - The Naboro prison poultry farm in Fiji has started supplying roosters to Australasian food manufacturer Goodman Fielder.

According to a report on Fiji Village, Commissioner of Corrections, Lieutenant Colonel Ifereimi Vasu said that the 2000 roosters were supplied to the company last Friday.

He said the inmates are now into rooster and egg business apart from having a pig farm.

He added that it costs $8 to raise a chick for six weeks.

The Commissioner said that the farm is starting in small batches to meet demand, but they prisoners are also prepared to sell the chickens to members of the public.

The farm currently has $240,000 worth of stock including pigs at the prison and close to $160,000 in the Bank.

The prison inmates receive 60 per cent of what they sell while the remaining 40 per cent is ploughed back into the farm.