Training Programme to Focus on Effluent Treatment

by 5m Editor
19 September 2011, at 9:28am

US - US Poultry & Egg Association will sponsor a Poultry Wastewater Operator Training Program on 15 to 16 November at the Perdue Training Center in Salisbury, Maryland.

The training programme will be led by Paul Bredwell, vice president of environmental programmes, USPoultry.

The training programme is designed to introduce attendees to the regulatory structure governing poultry plant effluent, as well as provide a primer in math, chemistry and microbiology. The programme will cover the principal equipment and systems used properly to treat poultry wastewater prior to discharge.

While the programme is appropriate for anyone involved in poultry wastewater treatment, it is particularly useful for operators and supervisors involved in poultry wastewater treatment for five years or less. The programme combines a comprehensive operator manual with 14 hours of classroom instruction and active student involvement.

At the end of the programme, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Continuing Education Units may be awarded upon approval of the course curriculum by state certification boards. Credit may vary from state to state but typically, 12 hours continuing education units will be awarded to certified operators who attend.

For more information on the Poultry Wastewater Operators Training Program, click here. For hotel room reservations, the training centre address and to register for the Poultry Wastewater Operators Training Program, click here.

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