Broiler Chicken Falls Ahead of Sabarimala season

by 5m Editor
18 November 2011, at 7:43am

TAMIL NADU, INDIA - Prices of broiler chicken have been trimmed to Rs 48 a kg from last week's Rs 60 on account of slack offtake and the approaching Sabarimala season, when demand drops.

Industry sources said broiler prices are likely to be pruned in the coming days because of the Sabarimala season in the South, a major consumer. Earlier this March, broiler prices peaked to Rs 75 a kg.

Meanwhile, egg rose by three paise from last week's Rs 2.91 a piece surpassing the Rs 2.90 reached during the same period last year. Egg price is slowly inching up to touch a record (Rs 3.10 reached in January this year) with the onset of winter and torrential rains lashing Tamil Nadu and Kerala. A cut in production, too, has sent the egg price moving up across the country.

According to The Hindu Business Line, the