Myths Surrounding Processed Meats Addressed

by 5m Editor
16 November 2011, at 7:59am

US - The American Meat Institute (AMI), in conjunction with the American Meat Science Association (AMSA), yesterday launched the third instalment of seven new myth-crushing videos that aim to set the record straight about myths associated with processed meats.

In the new video released this week on Meat Mythcrushers, Janeal Yancey, Ph.D, of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science, discusses misconceptions regarding processed meats and the meaningful role they play as part of a balanced diet.

"The word processed gets so stigmatized but what people don’t realize is all food is processed....," Dr Yancey says in the video. "(Processed meat) is a high quality source of protein at a low cost that’s been value-added. It’s a safe product, it’s a very convenient product and it’s a product that you can store for a longer time than you could a fresh meat product."

Dr Yancey’s video is the third of seven to be released on Meat Mythcrushers during the next several weeks.