Poultry Vaccination Programme Starts

by 5m Editor
10 November 2011, at 8:42am

KENYA - Around 50,000 poultry are to be vaccinated in the Likuyani District.

A Swiss-funded NGO has embarked on vaccinate of 50,000 chicken in Likuyani district, reports The Star of Nairobi. SCC-VI Agro Forestry, operating in Kitale, hopes to save farmers from losses caused by poultry diseases. The organisation has funded a community based organisation – Kongoni agricultural community – and is targeting 50 CBOs within the district.

The officer coordinating the project, George Wasike, said the exercise has commenced in Seregea, Soy, Likuyani and Mawe Tatu where over 2,500 poultry were vaccinated.

"We expect to have vaccinated over 15,000 birds in the district during the three-month long exercise," he said.

Mr Wasike said the NGO was working together with the Ministry of Livestock and Development. He said the exercise was undertaken after farmers in the area complained of losing their poultry between May and November from treatable and preventable diseases. He said the exercise is the first in the area. He added that the poultry keepers will also be educated on the need to vaccinate their birds frequently to avoid losses.