Commission Publishes 2010 AI Surveillance Reports

by 5m Editor
23 December 2011, at 8:52am

EU - In response to the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus the European Commission required all Member States to step up their surveillance for avian influenza to enable early detection and rapid response in the event of an outbreak.

The Commission is providing funding for the national monitoring of domestic poultry and wild birds.

Member States are required to send a disease notification to the European Commission and to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in case highly pathogenic avian influenza virus is detected in poultry or wild birds and in case low pathogenic avian influenza virus of the subtype H5 and H7 is isolated from poultry. Member States must report the results of their surveillance to the Commission.

The Commission has now published the 2010 AI surveillance annual reports for poultry and wild birds. The full results are available here.

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