Dalli Threatens Legal Action over Battery Cages

21 December 2011, at 11:23am

EU - EU Commissioner John Dalli has revealed that action has already begun at European level to punish Member States who have made little or no effort to conform to new egg welfare laws.

The Commissioner said that letters have already been sent to Member States, informing them they will be taken to court for failing to comply with laws to outlaw battery cages.

He also revealed that his inspection teams are ready to go 'all-out' from 1 January 2012 to collect the evidence of non-compliance to back up the prosecution when it goes to court.

He reinforced the message to those who are breaking the law that there will be no derogations and no escape route for those who have failed to comply.

The 13 Member States that have been found to be in breach of new rules are as follows: Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and the Netherlands, according to UK Liberal Democrat MEP, Sir Graham Watson.