Canadian Poultry Producers Optimism at All Time High

CANADA - Optimism among poultry producers has never been higher than it is now. Eight in ten poultry producers (80 per cent) agree that their farm or business will be better off five years from now, according to a new survey by Canada's federal agriculture lender, Farm Credit Canada, which released results from a national survey of its Vision panel.
calendar icon 30 January 2012
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It is likely that optimism for the future among poultry producers is backed by the fact that eighty percent of poultry producers feel that their operation is better off today than it was five years earlier.

Poultry producers display optimism through their plans to expand and diversify their operations. In total, six in ten poultry producers (59 per cent) plan to expand or diversify or both. Thirteen percent of poultry producers plan to reduce their operation or exit the industry while one quarter (24 per cent) plan no changes.

Advocating careers in primary production is another way that poultry producers show that they are optimistic about the future. Eight in ten poultry producers (81 per cent) would recommend a career in primary production, making producers in this sector the most likely to do so among all other sectors.

Additionally, eighty four per cent would recommend a career in an agricultural related field. In the past year alone, half of all poultry producers have recommended a career in agriculture (50 per cent) and four in ten have recommended a career in primary production (44 per cent).

Producers in the poultry sector are comfortable sharing their outlook with others. Nearly all poultry producers (99 per cent) have shared their outlook on their operation with others compared to all other sectors (92 per cent), making them the most likely to share their outlook on their operation with others.

Nine in ten producers (94 per cent) feel comfortable sharing their outlook on the industry with friends and family compared to eighty seven percent in all other sectors. When poultry producers talk with those outside of agriculture, they tend to discuss their family and lifestyle, livestock prices and food prices.

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