Having the Right Key to Unlock Your Potential?

US - What is the point of having a Ferrari but the wrong key to use it, or worse, not being able to afford the right type of fuel to get the performance that you would like?, asks Danisco.
calendar icon 10 January 2012
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This is the situation that the poultry industry appears to be finding itself in today. It has high performance birds, but corn is expensive and alternative ingredients do not have the same nutrient digestibility.

So, if the nutrients cannot be unlocked from the diet, or the diet is too expensive to use economically in production, then the performance potential of the bird may not be realised.

In these difficult times when the only thing that can be accurately predicted is that feed costs will continue to be volatile, doesn’t it make sense to look at ways to ensure that the ‘fuel’ for your birds is affordable and you have the correct ‘key’ to unlock the maximum performance and benefits from that fuel?

Launched at IPE 2011, the results of Axtra XAP in broiler diets speak for themselves. Ahead of its time, Axtra XAP enables producers to get unprecedented returns on their investments in terms of bird performance and radical feed cost reduction by increasing levels of high fibre ingredients such as Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS).

Independent trials have shown that the optimised blend of xylanase, amylase and protease in Axtra XAP is the key that unlocks the full potential of your birds’ diet. Broilers fed corn/ DDGS diets containing Axtra XAP improved FCR by 5.5 per cent (nine points) and calorie conversion by 240kcal/kg bodyweight gain compared to those on a control diet (TR XAP.NZ.B.11.12).

In addition to this, when tested against three competitor products, in broilers fed mixed grain diets (corn, wheat, DDGS), Axtra-XAP fed birds outperformed all of the competition by a minimum of 2.2 per cent (four points) and FCR was improved by 6.7 per cent (13 points) when compared to the control diet (TR XAP.UK.B.11.09). In every trial, either performance or nutrient digestibility was improved. Across the board the inclusion of Axtra XAP in diets, be they wheat based, corn/soy or corn/DDGS, reduced feed costs per kg gain.

To find out how you can unlock your flock’s potential, get the best performance and ‘fuel economy’ with your Axtra XAP winning formula, come and see us on stand #739, Hall A at IPE 2012.

Charlotte Johnson

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