OIE: Further Newcastle Disease in Israel

8 March 2012, at 10:32am

ISRAEL - There has been a further six outbreaks of newcastle disease reported to the OIE by Dr Nadav Galon, Director, Veterinary Services and Animal Health, Israel.

The six new outbreaks were reported to the OIE on the 7/03/12.

The outbreaks occured in MELE'A, Yizreel, HAZAFON, GAN SHEMU'EL, Hadera, HAIFA, GAN HASHOMERON, Hadera, HAIFA, ELQOSH, Acco, HAZAFON and RAM-ON, Yizreel, HAZAFON

Of the 55,592 birds susceptible, there were 3,800 which lead to 1,670 deaths and the slaughter of a further 36,400.

The source of the outbreak is still unknown.