Free to Roam Chicken Case in Federal Court

by 5m Editor
13 April 2012, at 6:39am

AUSTRALIA - Chicken meat company Baiada has defended claims from the consumer watchdog that it has been deceptive and misleading when labelling chicken meat.

ABC reports that lawyers for the company have started wrapping up their arguments in the Federal Court in Melbourne, in the ACCC's case against the term "free to roam".

Baiada sells chicken meat under the Steggles brand.

The ACCC claims that's misleading for consumers, as chickens are stocked in sheds at 32 kilos per square metre before they're taken away for processing.

Biadia's lawyers have told the court that chickens naturally cluster and that clustering doesn't mean they can't move around if they want to.

The ACCC has already settled with chicken mean company La Ionica, which admitted liability over the term last year.