New Stand for ORKA’s Eggshell Thickness Gauge

30 April 2012, at 12:42am

GLOBAL - (better known as ORKA Food Technology) has developed a new stand for its Eggshell Thickness Gauge (ESTG).

The Egg Shell Thickness Gauge is an ultrasonic instrument to measure the thickness at various points on the shell without resorting to the traditional and time–consuming method of breaking the egg and measuring individual segments.

Thickness can be measured over a range of 0.15mm to 25mm with a sensitivity of 0.001mm. The instrument has a serial output to export data to a PC.

The Egg Thickness Gauge is powered by batteries and is field deployable with the instrument and accessories housed in a foam-lined carrying case.

The new stand is extremely easy to use, provides faster and more accurate reading, and there is no need for training, says ORKA.

All ORKA instruments carry a warranty and their modular construction allows for replacement of critical components in the unlikely event of failure.

Current customers who wish to upgrade the existing stand should contact the company at [email protected] or visit the web site [click here].