Halamid Stamps Out Campylobacter

GLOBAL - Bacteria and viruses that may cause poultry diseases are not only a direct concern in view of animal welfare and maximizing broiler production. Campylobacter, Salmonella and Listeria - often present in poultry meat – also directly affect consumer safety and cause millions of incidents of human diseases annually.
calendar icon 29 May 2012
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The awareness that production of safe poultry meat does not start at the processor but at the farm has been generally adopted. Disinfection of meat – often illegal – is fighting the symptoms, not the cause. Also more recent research into “disinfecting” live animals by feeding broilers certain non-antibiotic bacterial killers shortly before slaughtering falls into this category and can give rise to objectionable residues in food. The only acceptable way forward is a clean and sound farm to fork approach with a focus on biosecurity. This begins with a strict hygiene management and disinfection program at the farm and Halamid® is thatan extremely effective solution here.

Campylobacter jejuni is of a major concern. This gram negative bacterium is pathogenic to humans and generally has very low infectious dose levels (ie. presence in low levels already causes infection). However in the farm C. jejuni may not be seen as an urgent problem, as infection of the chicken intestines can occur without any acute illness. The infection of humans leading to enteritis is almost exclusively caused by the presence of C. jejuni in raw meat and milk products.

Axcentive SARL has shown that Halamid® is particularly effective against C. jejuni. Concentrations as low as 100 ppm (100 gram per 1000 liters of water) achieved more than log 5 (99.999 per cent) killing. For practical situations this means farmers can be confident that at typical use concentrations of 0.5 – 1 per cent, Campylobacter is effectively eradicated. The low Halamid® concentration required warrants the most economical and effective disinfection possible. Of course all possible causes of entering Campylobacter into the farm should be considered. Halamid® is therefore used in footbaths, feed preparation and storage rooms, drinking water systems and truck disinfection next to its traditional use on surfaces and equipment in the poultry house.

The uniqueness of Halamid® lies in its broad spectrum effect at low dosages in combination with a mild and ecological profile. Without the typical acidic pH of other disinfectants, Halamid® is non-corrosive in solution and readily biodegradable. The active ingredient of Halamid® is notified for the European Biocidal Product Directive.

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