Novus Committed to Local, Sustainable Solutions for Growing Protein Demand

GLOBAL - The worldwide demand for protein has risen rapidly over the past decade and will only continue to grow as economies strengthen. Novus recognizes the opportunities and challenges this demand presents and is working to provide solutions that result in affordable, wholesome food.
calendar icon 22 May 2012
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"It is our mission at Novus to make a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing global needs for nutrition and health. We foster this mission by helping produce a sustainable, wholesome food supply through localized animal nutrition solutions," says Novus President and CEO, Thad Simons. "Although we operate in a global marketplace, we know that our customers' needs vary based on their location. By actually living and working in their specific geographies, we are able to contribute to an improved quality of life through food, nutrition and supplemental innovation."

In order to meet this overarching company goal, Novus worked to evaluate what truly sets them apart as a company and determined that the best way to help their customers is to focus on a new brand platform - "The Triple-S Bottom Line" - Solutions, Service and Sustainability.

"When we stepped back and looked at what Novus was good at, where we succeeded and where we wanted to go, we learned a lot about ourselves as a company," commented Dan Meagher, President, Global Animal Nutrition Solutions, at Novus. "We are re-launching our brand to better focus on the pillars that will really impact our customers and our global mission."


Novus is committed to providing innovative products, ideas and programs that deliver enhanced nutrition and solve customer challenges. These solutions, though used on a global scale, are typically developed locally.

"Working directly with our customers on a global basis is a critical differentiator for Novus within our industry; our customers benefit from our localized research and development, technical support, customer service and logistics. We recognized these as strengths and we're working to present ourselves as a company that's invested in the future of not only our customers, but the sustainability of food production world-wide," noted Francois Fraudeau, President, Specialty Business, at Novus.


Service is central to "The Triple-S Bottom Line" pledge as it embodies the company's interaction with customers, business partners and its communities.

"We consider service to be multi-dimensional," says Dan Meagher. "Whether we are providing superior customer service in applying solutions to support our customers in dealing with challenges on their operations, working to promote our industry, or working one-on-one in communities we serve, Novus believes in a hands-on working relationship to serve."


"The guiding vision at Novus is to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life. Sustainability is a critical cornerstone of this vision. Through innovation, education and collaboration, the company is able to enhance business performance and, more importantly - improve the quality of life for people around the world," notes Jim Gerardot, Executive Director, Global Strategic Marketing, at Novus.

Novus is committed to providing animal agriculture with total nutrition management solutions that enhance producers' sustainability by improving their efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. The Novus platform, "The Triple-S Bottom Line" - Solutions, Service and Sustainability, will help ensure that producers worldwide realize first-hand the benefits of this renewed corporate commitment.

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