Extra Wide Heat Pattern for Poultry House Applications

US & UK - A new series of radiant tube brooders designed to yield an extra wide, rectangular heat pattern for poultry houses has been introduced by Space-Ray. Space-Ray has locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and Ipswich, England. Marketed under the name BIG FOOT, the new brooder provides one of the largest rectangular shaped, heating footprints available for modern poultry applications.
calendar icon 20 June 2012
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Available in either natural or propane gas, the new PBF Series from Space-Ray saves on fuel costs, reduces maintenance and permits higher mounting in the poultry house for broader coverage and added efficiency.

The reflector angle of the BIG FOOT radiant tube brooder is engineered to an optimum angle of 19º, improving the radiant footprint and minimizing convective wash. The result is a more uniform heat distribution, better brooding conditions, and more comfort for the birds.

Space-Ray Big Foot Heaters use positive pressure (CSA certified) or negative pressure (CE certified) heating systems to draw the products of combustion through the heavy-duty calorized aluminized steel combustion chamber. Calorized tube material offers improved corrosion resistance and greater radiant heat output. The CSA-Certified BIG FOOT series is available in four sizes from 60,000 BTU/hr (18 kW/hr) to 90,000 BTU/hr (26 kW/hr), and the 50 Hz CE-Certified model is available in an 80,000 Btu/hr (23.5 kW/hr) model.

The CSA-Certified models for sale in the US and Canada come with a choice of one-stage or two-stage input controls for added flexibility and a totally enclosed burner box that places all the power, thermostat and gas connections in one central location for easier installation and maintenance.

The CSA-Certified BIG FOOT radiant tube brooder series is available in four sizes from 60,000 BTU/hr (18 kW/hr) to 90,000 BTU/hr (26 kW/hr). The most popular size is the 80,000 BTU/Hr. (23.5 kW/Hr) version. The Big Foot is also available in either “U” shaped tube or straight tube versions. The standard emitter tube length is 20 ft (6.1 m), while the overall length for the “U” tube version is 11½ ft. (3.5 m) and the straight version is 21½ ft (6.6 m).

Each CSA-Certified unit is pre-assembled for easy installation and comes with fresh air intake kit, exhaust hood, stainless steel flexible gas connector and a pre wired electrical connection. Additionally, each unit offers a 3-year limited warranty on the complete emitter assembly.

Unique TISS™ System

Unique to Space-Ray CSA certified positive pressure products is the patented1 TISS™ system that automatically turns off the heater in the unlikely event of a tube failure. With the TISS™ system, an insulated aluminum wire is positioned in tension above the reflector. A low voltage circuit continuously monitors the clearance between the reflectors and the ceiling for excessive heat and tube integrity compromise. If the heat increases due to heat exchanger failure, the wire melts, the safety circuit is broken and the brooder shuts down.

“We decided if we introduced a positive pressure system to poultry houses, we would take steps to assure the integrity of the system and provide the ultimate in safety” noted Wilf Jackson, Sales Director for Space-Ray in the US. “...we wanted a system that was safer than any other model on the market today. The TISS provides peace of mind. It may never be needed but in the unlikely event of a tube failure poultry house owners will be pleased that they have a TISS system.”

1 TISS US Patent Number 8000075

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