Kubbar to be AB Vista Distributor in Kuwait

by 5m Editor
29 June 2012, at 8:33am

KUWAIT - AB Vista, the global supplier of animal feed micro-ingredients, has confirmed animal feed specialist Kubbar International as its new distributor in Kuwait.

With 15 years’ experience in the field of animal health and diets, Kubbar International specialises in the import and distribution of animal feed and feed supplements – and already supplies more than a third of Kuwait’s farms with high-quality animal nutrition products.

AB Vista is committed to delivering products which make a demonstrable difference to the agricultural industry, and Kubbar International is the first feed specialist in Kuwait to stock AB Vista’s Quantum Blue and Econase XT range of new generation micro-ingredients for animal feed.

Quantum Blue, launched in January 2012, is a revolutionary new enhanced E.coli-derived phytase. The product is set to deliver unprecedented performance benefits and has been shown to improve feed conversion efficiency by 2-4 points, equating to cost saving of approximately $4-6 per tonne of feed.

Econase XT is an intrinsically thermostable enzyme developed specifically for use in animal feeds based on a number of cereals. Independent trials have already demonstrated the value of Econase XT in both poultry and swine, and in feeds based on corn or wheat, leading to a better daily gain and improved feed conversion.

Founded by Dr Ziad Adel, Kubbar International aims to be the leading supplier of its kind in the Gulf region. Above all, the company is committed to helping animal producers improve productivity and profitability – making it an ideal choice to meet the growing needs of AB Vista customers across Kuwait.

AB Vista’s Global Sales Director Ari Kiviniemi said: “I am delighted to be working closely with Kubbar International on the distribution of our products in Kuwait. Thanks to Dr Adel’s specialist knowledge of animal nutrition, and his company’s well-established position as a leading supplier to Kuwait’s producers, AB Vista will be better able to serve customers across this important market.”