Breeding Adaptability as a Genetic Trait

INDIA - The poultry breeding in India is successful. The advantages are being able to adapt to the climate fluctuations, accepting average feed and bouncing back into production after problems of a lower quality feed, high temperatures and disease challenges to fine a profitable end to the cycle, according to a research paper by Dr T. Kotaiah from Indbro Research & Breeding Farms.
calendar icon 2 July 2012
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The study concludes that poultry breeding for efficiency alone may not continue.

The investment on poultry housing and infrastructure is going up and feed ingredients of good quality are getting expensive and may not be available.

A change in environmental requirements will mean birds could become exposed to low level of common infections with out treatment and the birds will simply have to cope with this.

The study says that the birds should perform well in low investment houses, with lower quality feed and withstand some amount of infections without using high order medicines.

However, the more practical way is to breed the birds under similar conditions.

The initial data shows that the "Adaptability" can be built up in the flock as a genetic trait.

The birds bred under suboptimal conditions perform even better, when better environment is given.

Inputs such as manpower and investments also make it favourable to do this and the growing markets will accept these birds more favourably.

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